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Pi Lalrinpuii kan chan ta

20 June, 2012 15 comments

Lalrinpuii hi Pu Nunthanga (L) leh Pi Lalkhawli (L) te inkara an fa pali-na ni turin Nisapuiah kum 1938 April ni 17 khan a lo piang a, an unau hi 13 an ni a.
Zirna lamah chuan Hmeichhe sikul (tuna PC Girls School) -ah bul ṭanin, St.Paul’s High School leh Govt. Higher Secondary School-ah te zir zawmin pawl 11 thleng a zir a. Hemi hnu hian Guwahati-ah GNM a zir leh a. A zir zawh hnu hian sorkarah lutin nurse hna a thawk ta a. Mizoram hmun hrang hrang - Khawlailung, North Vanlaiphai, Saiha leh Civil Hospital, Aizawlah te he hna hi a thawk ta a ni. Staff Nurse aṭang hian Sister-ah kaisangin he hna hi a pension kum 2005 thlengin Aizawl Civil Hospital-ah a thawk a ni.
Kum 2005 atang khan zunthlum natna a nei ani tih hmuh chhuah ani a. Hemi kum hian thla hnih leh a chanve zet damdawiin ah enkawl ngai khawpin he natna hian a tibuai a. In lamah te a theih ang anga
inenkawl chho in ngai a awh ve leh mai a. Kumin 2012 atang khan, a taksate a lo chak lo zual a, Damdawiin CARE Hospitalah April thla khan admit ani a, chawlhkar khat vel enkawl anih hnu in dawmdawiin atangin a chhuak a. Amaherawh chu, thatlam pan aia zual lam a pan zel zawk tak avangin May ni 7 khan CARE Hospital ah bawk admit leh ani a. Hetah hian zunthlum mai bakah natna chi hrang hrangin a tlakbuak ta zel a. Doctor leh Nurse ten theih tawp chhuahin an enkawl a. Amaherawhchu, a natna hi a lo nasat tawh avang leh a taksa alo chauh tawh avangin that lam aiin zual lam a pan ta zel a. A thawhah vangin June ni 4 zing lam atang khan Oxygen pek ani a. Hemi ni tlai lam atang hian a thawhah te lo zualin June ni 5 Zing Dar 1:00 Am khan chatuan ram min lo pansan ta a ni.


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